Mesacryl Wall coating for any maintenance-friendly and durable company space

Acrylate wall coating by Mesa Coatings

At Mesa Coatings, Acrylate wall coating is classified under the name MesaCryl and is one of our latest developments. Acrylate is also known as PMMA and is a premium synthetic, being processed in both floor- and wall coatings. The greatest difference in comparison with more traditional wall coatings, such as for instance an epoxy coating, is that the areas no longer need pre-heating and re-heating, which, particularly during the colder months, is definitely an advantage.

Advantages of Mesacryl wall coating

The acrylate wall coatings can be applied seamlessly and have a short hardening time. This ensures that the wall can be cleaned easily and that, after applying the wall coating, the space where the wall is located, can soon be used. In addition, colour can be added to acrylate coating, providing us the possibility to deliver almost any RAL colour.

Just like Epoxy wall coatings, Acrylate coatings are waterproof and impervious, they have a high mechanical and chemical resistance and they assist in creating a maintenance-friendly and durable company space. Besides, acrylate is an elastic binder, enabling the coating to ‘move along’ with the base and as a result of which cracks will hardly appear. It is even possible to apply a special gel that provides a 340% elasticity!


Acrylate wall coating possibilities

The possibilities for the use of Acrylate wall coatings are endless. In order to give you an insight, below a short summary of some company spaces is shown:


  • Agricultural sector
    • Tank room
    • Milk robot
    • Manure pit
    • Pigs shelter
  • Automotive industry
    • Garage
    • Carwash
    • Workshop
  • Food processing industry
    • Mass catering
    • Butchery
    • Fish processing
    • Cold room and freezer
  • Warehouses
  • DIYs

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