Coatings are ideal for the automotive sector, as the coatings are chemical resistant, impervious and durable.

Synthetic floors for the Automotive sector

The use of synthetic floors – and coating floors in particular, can be seen increasingly often in the automotive industry. These floors are well resistant to heavy mechanical load of vehicles, but also to the many different kinds of liquids, whilst ultimately they can be cleaned easily.


We supply coating floors and walls for car garages, showrooms, carwash and parking garages.

Coatings for the workshop/garage

For any company, operating within the automotive industry, it is important to have a proper work station floor. Not only does this save time and money, but it also contributes to the safety of your staff as well as to the company’s appearance.


Stylish coating floors for the (Car) Showroom

In order to get the right appearance for your showroom, you need the right showroom floor. A floor is quite determining for the ambiance of your company area and ensures your products to be displayed in the best way possible. On top of that, everyone has his own specific wishes, be it motorcycles, mopeds, private cars or vans.

coatings voor de Rundveehouderij

Coating systems for the parking garage

Garage floors and parking garage floors have a hard job. Each day, they are driven over by a large number of heavy vehicles, bringing sand, dirt, emissions, oil and water, whilst during the winter months, they spill salt and other types of dirt and moisture. The combination of weight, rolling material, dirt and moisture is disastrous for an untreated floor. So, it’s just as well that the Mesa Coatings floors have a high chemical and mechanical resistance. By applying a synthetic floor you create an extremely strong and seamless protective layer.

Coatingsystemen voor de parkeergarage

Floor- and wall coatings for the Carwash

Does your garage include a carwash where you wash the vehicles yourself, or do you own a fuel station with a carwash to be used by customers themselves, or perhaps even a self-serve car wash? Then you are probably aware of the importance of wall coating and a safe anti-slip floor. Also where it concerns a truck wash/carwash for your company’s lorries. Mesa Coatings floor and wall coatings are seamless, chemical resistant, anti-slip, waterproof and wear- and scratch resistant, available in many RAL colours and have a high mechanical load capacity.

coatings voor de wasstraat

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