Our cast floors can be applied to virtually any type of company floor

Mesa Coatings Cast floors

Within the concept of cast floors, there are different variants. The three most common are the cement-bound, epoxy and polyurethane (or PU) cast floors. Mesa Coatings offers you the possibility to apply an Epoxy and PU Cast floor. These floors can be applied in different layers, due to which there is no fixed standard Epoxy or PU cast floor, yet it comes in many varieties.

Epoxy Cast floor

The epoxy cast floor is one of two types of synthetic cast floors by Mesa Coatings. Epoxy naturally has a high gloss look, but it is possible to finish it in matt. Partly because of the high mechanical and chemical load capacity, epoxy cast floors are quite suitable for industrial use. As such, these floors can often be found in:

  • warehouses
  • garages
  • industry/production halls
  • the agricultural sector
  • work stations, etc.

Apart from that, epoxy is twice as hard as concrete and also pore free, which results in the floor being wear-free, maintenance-friendly, impervious and moisture resistant. Finally, it is possible to mix colours, so the floor can be supplied in a large number of different colours.

PU Cast floor

The polyurethane cast floor is the second type of synthetic cast floors by Mesa Coatings. The PU Cast floor is a tough-elastic floor, which, on the one hand is less hard than the epoxy cast floor, making it less suitable for heavy mechanical loads. However, this ‘softer’ base is more comfortable and suitable for light to semi-heavy loads. In addition PU is, just like the epoxy cast floor, available in numerous different colours and also pore free, making it easy to clean. Finally, due to its elasticity, the floor is capable of bridging cracks, it is seamless and is highly wear- and scratch resistant. This makes the PU cast floor very suitable as, for instance:

  • a shop floor
  • an office floor
  • a showroom floor

Cement-bound cast floor

The cement-bound cast floor is also called concrete floor or casting mortar. It is a hard floor, suitable as a base or for smoothing purposes. However, cement-bound cast floors do not capture the ‘functioning’ of the base, are not available in many colours and are not pore free, which may lead to staining. Mesa Coatings cannot apply a cement-bound cast floor, partly for these reasons. It is however possible to have the cement-bound cast floor poured, after which Mesa Coatings B.V. could apply a floor coating on top.

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