Our coating floors are wear-free, entirely seamless and available in many RAL colours

Coating floors

Would you like a modern and maintenance-friendly industrial floor for your office, showroom, shop or production hall? A Coating floor, as such, offers a solution for you. Coating floors have a thin synthetic top layer, often no thicker than 1 mm, which you can apply on top of your existing (synthetic) floor. Our coating floors have the following advantages:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Strong and wear-free, also in case of chemical load
  • Can be applied seamlessly
  • Very attractive in terms of pricing
  • Available in numerous RAL-, Sikkens- and NCS-colours
  • A suitable system for any application

A floor coating is also perfect as a finishing of concrete, anhydrite and cement bases. An attractively priced floor coating offers the same ease of maintenance as a cast floor, and also the even, seamless look is similar to a cast floor. As the Mesa Coatings B.V. experts have years of experience in applying floor coatings, we can assist you from the initial advice up to applying the floor coating.

Coatingvloeren net aangebracht
Coatings in de autobranche


A coating floor is very easy to maintain. As a coating has a dense top structure, a coating floor hardly takes up any dust or dirt. As a direct result, it requires less work and less water. For the agricultural sector, an additional advantage is the immediate reduction of the infection pressure in the stables.

Strong and wear-free

Due to their unique composition, synthetic floors are extremely strong and also wear-free. This makes the floor suitable for heavy loads and, as such, ideal for industrial firms. Partly because of the above mentioned properties, the synthetic floor is quite durable.

Seamless application

A synthetic floor must be applied seamlessly. As it concerns the top side of your floor, it is important that your floor is snug and even. Also, in many case, a floor should be seamless as this contributes to the company’s hygiene.

Coating is available in all colours

A coating floor is available in almost every RAL-, Sikkens- and NCS-colour, resulting in a virtually endless colour palette. It is also possible to apply various techniques, such as working with flakes and transparent layers of varnish, also called a flake floor. A flake floor is somewhat thicker than a regular coating, due to the application of the colour chips.

A suitable system for each application

Coating floors are widely applicable and for each type of company in each sector, there is a suitable solution. Whether it concerns a pig farmer who wants to reduce the infection pressure or a carwash that prefers an anti-slip floor, which is entirely impervious. Mesa coatings has a suitable system for any application.

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