Maintenance-friendly and hygienic coating floors are indispensable for efficient poultry farming

Coating floors for poultry farming

You don’t want to worry about disease among your chickens, but rather see them grow consistently and fast without noticing fall-backs? Neither do you want to spend days cleaning your floor whilst a new load of live poultry is on its way. And wouldn’t you rather enjoy a nice floor for years, than having to replace it because of rapid wear? We, at Mesa Coatings, also prefer to see healthy chickens and both durable and maintenance-friendly floors. That is why we work continuously on developing and improving our floor coating products. Would you like more information about coating floors for poultry farming, then please contact us through the form below.

Coatingvloeren voor de pluimveehouderij
Coatingvloeren voor de kippenboer
Coatingvloeren voor de kippenhouderij

The advantages of our coatings

The advantages of our coatings are the high chemical and mechanical load capacity, ensuring that you will enjoy your floor for many years. Coating a floor guarantees that your floor will be easy to clean. A concrete floor is not chemically resistant and over time, the hard top layer of concrete will become porous and a porous floor is a breeding ground for germs. Applying a coating to the floor ensures better hygiene, which is the basis for the company’s result.


Floor smoothing in poultry farming

Concrete floors are not chemically resistant and will wear out over time. The hard top layer will become porous and a porous top layer is an ideal soil for dirt to accumulate in. This accumulation of dirt and filth in turn becomes breeding ground for germs. Something you will certainly wish to prevent from happening in the chicken barn of your poultry farming. That is why Mesa Coatings offers a solution. The Mesa Coatings floor coatings restore the top layer and seal off the pores. This will prevent previous diseases from spreading among your livestock again. It is almost impossible to completely disinfect porous concrete. Unlike if you applied a coating floor in your stable. These namely do not contain pores, which makes them easy to clean and also nothing can attach to them. Eventually, this improved hygiene will express itself in better company results.

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