Our coatings have a top layer ensuring that dust, dirt and liquids remain on top of the floor, which is ideal for every bakery

Coatings for the bakery

As a baker you know best that in the food sector a hygienic space is of paramount importance. Especially the areas where production takes places, such as a bakery. That is what you want to concern yourself with; baking bread, making cakes, simply producing quality food. This does not imply that you don’t want to invest time in cleaning, but you’d rather work efficiently. And why spend more time on it than necessary? Would you like more information about coatings for the bakery? For instance for your new industrial floor or a renovation of your bakery. Then contact us soon, so we can advise you.

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Coatings voor de bakkerij

Coatings for the bakery; waterproof and seamless

That is why a coating in the bakery is the ideal solution. Synthetic floors by Mesa Coatings are quite maintenance-friendly. Depending on your wishes, a top layer is applied, ensuring that dust, dirt and liquid remain on top of the floor. Easy to polish and they won’t be able to penetrate into the bakery floor and cause stains.

In addition, coating floors  are seamlessly applied by our specialists. The advantage, compared with tiles, is that it has no grouts which rubbish can nestle or accumulate in. But it also allows you to move your bread containers or workbenches on an even surface area. There are no seams or thresholds that can be obstructive.

Of course, we won’t forget that the safety of a floor is essential. As it may be slippery in a bakery from time to time, it is possible to apply an anti-slip layer. Another advantage of a coating floor is that it can be used in numerous colours. This way, we can adjust the floor to your liking. An example of a suitable bakery floor is the Epoxy composite trowel floor.


Wall coating and skirting board coating for bakeries

The importance of synthetic walls in a bakery is mainly the low maintenance, which means that they can be cleaned within a short time. In addition, wall coatings have the same properties as floor coatings. They are applied seamlessly, are maintenance-friendly, dust-free, waterproof, scratch-resistant, wear-free and available in numerous colours.

Finally you have the opportunity to apply an adjacent skirting board coating. This will be laid in a 45 degree angle, so that neither dirt nor dust can nestle here and the coating floor seamlessly blends into the wall coating. Ultimately, the combination of synthetic floors and walls with skirting board coating ensures an entirely maintenance-friendly, durable and hygienic bakery, which you can enjoy for many years.

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