Our coatings for the butchery meet the requirements of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

Coatings for the butchery

Hygiene is of major importance in a butchery. The butcher works with raw meat, blood, bones and organs. All food that is processed, is vulnerable to bacteria and if bacteria get the opportunity to nestle somewhere, they will. That is why there are strict requirements for running a butchery. The butcher must comply with the regulations of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority as well as the HACCP. We offer special coatings for the butchery which comply with the strict requirements in the area of food safety. Would you like more information about our floor- or wall coatings for the butchery, then please contact us.

Coatings voor de slagerij
Coatingvloer in de slagerij

Synthetic butchery floor

The floor is part of this, as it is the area where everything is gathered; dust, dirt, blood, meat residues, waste, you name it. If something is dropped, it is bound to eventually hit the floor. As such, it is important that a butchery floor can be cleaned easily after which it returns to the same hygienic value.

The Mesa Coatings synthetic floors offer a solution. In contrast with a tile floor, floor coatings are seamless, and finished with a top layer, making it dust- and waterproof. The advantage is that everything that falls on the floor will not be able to attach to it or accumulate in the grouts. It can therefore be swept up or sprayed more easily, which saves time and reduces annoyance.

In addition, a butchery floor is heavily mechanically and chemically loaded. It is affected by the multitude of cleaning agents and heavy materials (for instance meat trolleys) that roll over it. The Mesa Coatings floors are scratch-resistant, wear-free and have a high mechanical and chemical load capacity. This allows you to enjoy your durable and maintenance-friendly working area longer.


Synthetic walls and skirting boards

Floor coating in combination with synthetic walls and/or skirting boards ensures the entire space to become maintenance-friendly and durable. As all three of them can be applied seamlessly, dirt and dust have no chance of attaching and cleaning the butchery becomes much easier.

Our team will be happy to assist you if you would like more information or have any questions about the opportunities for your butchery or about applying a butchery floor.

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