For each company canteen we have a suitable coating floor which is tasteful, maintenance-friendly and hygienic

Coatings for the canteen area

In the company canteen it is important to have a nice and hygienic floor. This way your staff can enjoy their break in a clean environment. A professional appearance and easy to maintain floor that, in addition has a durable quality. Due to our substantial assortment of floor- and wall systems, we can always fulfil your wishes. Do you have any questions or would you like more information aboutĀ Coatings for the canteen area, then please contact us.

Coatings voor de kantineruimte
Coatingvloer in bedrijfskantine

A maintenance-friendly and seamless canteen floor

Mesa Coatings offers many possibilities for synthetic floors. Depending on your wishes a top layer is applied, ensuring that dust, dirt and liquid remain on top of the floor. This makes polishing easy and substances have no chance of penetrating the floor and causing stains. Due to this maintenance-friendly way of working, cleaning time is reduced and your canteen will remain hygienic and tidy.

Coating floors are also applied seamlessly by our specialists. The advantage in comparison with tiles is that no grouts are involved which dirt may nestle or accumulate in. Another advantage of this durable system is that no thresholds or elevations are used. This makes your canteen easy to decorate and simply workable. The seamless top layer creates a smart look, giving your canteen a professional appearance. Properties of these floors are maintenance-friendly, dust-free, waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-free.

The Mesa Coating quality floors prevent damage, causing each floor to last for years. The floors are available in different colours and are ready to use immediately after laying. Therefore, a renovation will take little time, prevent your work from being suspended.

Finally, there is the possibility to apply an adjacent skirting board coating. This will be laid in a 45 degree angle, so neither here dirt of dust can nestle, whereas the floor seamlessly blends into the wall.

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