Coatings for the carwash are impervious, chemical resistant, low on maintenance and very quickly laid

Coatings for the carwash

Do you have a carwash at your garage where you wash the vehicles yourself, or do you own a fuel station with a carwash, to be used by customers themselves, or perhaps even a self-serve car wash? Then you are probably aware of the importance of wall coating and a safe anti-slip floor. Also where it concerns a truck wash/carwash for your transport company’s lorries. Mesa Coatings floor and wall coatings are seamless, chemical resistant, anti-slip, waterproof and wear- and scratch resistant, available in many RAL colours and have a high mechanical load capacity.


An anti-slip and waterproof Epoxy composite trowel floor

For the safety of your customers, yourself and your staff, it is important that the carwash has a proper anti-slip floor. Due to the extensive use of water and soap the floor becomes slippery. To prevent this as much as possible, an Epoxy composite trowel floor with anti-slip layer is applied. Apart from improving the safety, this type of floor coating is also quite chemical and mechanically resistant. All those chemical substances in combination with large quantities of water, sand, salt and dirt from the vehicles, are disastrous for a concrete floor. However, the Epoxy composite trowel floor by Mesa Coatings has an extra gel layer, causing water and dirt to remain on top of the floor and making it easily washable. As such, it has no chance of penetrating the pores and destructing the floor. This way you will be able to enjoy your carwash floor for many years.

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