Low maintenance and impervious coating floors are indispensable for the Computer room

Floor coating Computer room

In the computer room, it is important to be able to work in a clean and tidy environment. This includes a snug and easy to clean floor. This will reduce costs and increase the job satisfaction. Are you interested in coatings for the computer room or would you like an industrial floor for a different space in your company? Then contact us now for more information.


Coatings voor de computerruimte
Coatingvloer computerruimte

Coatings for the computer room are maintenance-friendly

Properties of floor coating for the computer room: Apart from a professional look, a computer room floor coating has two important functions: firstly, as a protective end-layer on the sub-surface. A concrete floor or screed tends to produce a lot of dust. This is because of the open structure of the material. In a computer room this may lead to an unnecessary load of cleaning work to keep the electronics dust-free.


Get to know our ESD floor

Mesa Coatings B.V. can supply either cast floors or Epoxy composite trowel floors to deal with this problem. A choice can be made between different floor systems, so that the finishing and the result always respond to the wishes of the customer. Apart from a dustproof concrete floor, in many computer rooms it is important that an anti-static floor is laid. This is called an ESD floor. An ESD floor prevents static discharge from transferring to man or machine, via the floor. Particularly in the electronics-industry, the production of components must be protected against any type of discharge, for which the ESD floor is appropriate. Also for less sensitive industries an anti-static floor could be the best solution. For instance for machine factories in the metal sector, production facilities within the pharmaceutical industry or operating rooms in hospitals.

Properties of an ESD Floor:

  • anti-static functioning

  • available in several colours

  • very hygienic and dirt resistant

  • impervious

  • can be provided with different top coatings (anti-slip or smoother)

  • very robust, strong and heavy load capacity

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