We have special coating systems for the parking garage and for its ramps

Coatings for the parking garage

Floors of garages and parking garages have a hard job. Each day they are driven over by a large number of heavy vehicles, bringing sand, dirt, emissions, oil and water, whilst during the winter months, they spill salt and other types of dirt and moisture. The combination of weight, rolling material, dirt and moisture is disastrous for an untreated floor. So, it’s just as well that the Mesa Coatings floors have a high chemical and mechanical resistance. By applying a synthetic floor, you create an extremely strong and seamless protective layer. Would you like more information about parking garage coatings, then please contact us via the form below.

Coating nabij rooster
Coatings voor de parkeergarage
Coatings voor de hellingvloer

Advantages of coatings in the parking garage

The noise in parking garages is often amplified by the extensive use of concrete. Because of that, and also as they are confined spaces, visitors often feel uncomfortable there. A cast floor or Epoxy composite trowel floor is, as such, excellently suitable to be used as a parking garage floor, as it is sound-absorbing and applicable in a large variety of colours, creating an atmosphere different from the well-known cold and resounding blocks of concrete. In addition, the use of coating floors in a garage is very safe, due to the fact that lighting is reflected better than on a regular floor. Also the garage’s coating floor is much easier to clean, so oil remnants will not remain on the surface. Finally, by playing with different colours, also signposting can be improved. For instance by applying a different colour for each floor, which may help to remember where a car was parked.

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