In the petrochemical industry it is important that the floors are not affected by chemical influences

Coatings for the petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical industry, quality floors and walls are of major importance. In this sector floors and walls are exposed to mechanical and chemical influences. As such, your floor is largely affected. A damaged floor leads to an unhygienic and unsafe workspace. Would you like more information about coatings for the petrochemical industry, then please contact us via the form below.

Coatingvloer voor de petrochemische industrie
Coatings voor de petrochemische industrie

Maintenance-friendly and seamless floor coatings

The Mesa Coatings synthetic floor can be equipped with an anti-slip layer so, also in case of a wet floor, you or your staff will not slip. In addition, a coating floor can be laid seamlessly, resulting in improvement of the hygienic property, as well as the maintenance-friendliness. Seamless means no places for dirt – and particularly liquids – to nestle or seep through.Furthermore, firmness is assured when choosing an epoxy floor or PMMA floor in cast- or Epoxy composite trowel floor design. All floors for the petrochemical industry have a high chemical and mechanical resistance, due to which they are wear-free and rock-solid. A Mesa Coatings synthetic floor therefore means a durable floor and smart investment.Concrete floors are not chemical resistant and will wear-off over time. The hard top layer becomes porous and a porous top layer is an ideal soil for filth the settle in. This accumulation of dirt and filth in turn becomes a breeding ground for germs. Something you will certainly want to prevent in the chicken barn or your poultry farming. That is why Mesa Coatings offers a solution. The Mesa Coatings floor coatings restore the top layer and seal off the pores. This prevents old diseases from spreading among your livestock. It is almost impossible to entirely disinfect porous concrete. It will be different if you have a coating floor applied in your stable. This contains no pores, making it easy to clean and nothing can attach to it. Eventually this improved hygiene will express itself as a better company result.

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