For the (car) showroom we provide coating floors that ensure proper appearance

Coatings for the Showroom

In order to give your showroom the right appearance, you need the right showroom floor. A floor largely determines the vibe of your business area and ensures that your products are displayed in the best way possible. Furthermore, everyone has specific wishes and demands, whether it is about motorcycles, mopeds, private cars or vans. For a customised advice or more information about coatings for the showroom, please contact us via the form below.

Coatings voor de Showroom
Coatingvloeren voor de Showroom
Coatings voor de Autoshowroom

Quartz carpet for the showroom floor

Also a quartz carpet is excellently suitable as a coating for the showroom floor. A showroom often has large windows and due to the high UV-resistance, a quartz carpet floor can be applied in areas with lots of sunlight, without the risk of discolouration. In addition, quartz carpet can be applied to almost any base, it is seamless, available in numerous RAL colours and it has a warm look.

The resistance of a quartz carpet floor can be compared with that of a tile, which makes wear or scratches hardly visible. This contributes to the durability of your showroom floor and certifies that it will remain in excellent condition for a long time. Should you opt for a quartz carpet floor, you can choose from the open and closed structure.

In case of closed structure, the top layer is sealed, leaving liquids and dirt on top of the floor where they can easily be removed. An open structure has no sealing layer, so the pores of the quartz carpet floor remain open. It also contributes to the sound attenuation and results in dust remaining between the pores, which makes it easy to vacuum it and it will not blow up when people pass.

Some frequently made requirements to showroom floor coatings:

  • Sound absorbing
  • Heavy load capacity
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Safe
  • Anti-slip
  • Scratch resistant
  • Waterproof and dust-free


Epoxy composite trowel floor & Cast floor as a showroom floor

Not only the quartz carpet floor serves as a suitable showroom floor. You can also opt for an Epoxy composite trowel floor of cast floor. Both of these floors have a high chemical and mechanical load capacity, can be applied seamlessly and are maintenance-friendly. They are also available in many RAL colours and can be finished in either gloss or matt. A PU cast floor is a comfortable, seamless floor and due to its tough-elasticity properties it is capable of bridging cracks. As PU is less strong than Epoxy, it is less suitable for extremely heavy loads, such as in warehouses. On the other hand, less strong also means softer, making it suitable as a shop floor, office floor and of course, as a showroom floor.

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