Low maintenance and hygienic coating floors are indispensable for modern pig farming

Coatings for pig farming

We supply different floor- and wall coating systems for the pig farming sector. Whether it concerns coating for grids, piglets nests or an anti-slip floor in fattening pigs’ housing, in consultation with you, we will find the most appropriate solution. Would you like more information about coatings for the pig farming sector? Then contact us now

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Coatings voor de varkenshouderij
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Advantages of coatings for pig farming

Advantages of coating applications in your pig farming are for instance the high chemical load capacity. This feature ensures that you can enjoy your floors for many years. After all concrete is not chemically resistant and after a while it will become affected. By applying a high-quality coating, the strength of concrete is combined with the chemical resistance of a synthetic. The use of coating within pig farming ensures durability, quicker cleaning of your stables (thus less labour and lower water consumption) and as a coating is applied to the concrete, there is less infection pressure in your stable.


Floor smoothing for pig farming

Smoothing your floor is necessary in case you have an uneven concrete floor, an uneven anhydrite floor or a tiled floor with grouts. We have different floor coating systems in our assortment, depending on the type of pig farming, which directly smooth your floor. Would you like more information? Then please feel free to contact us.

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