MesaCon epoxy-based concrete repair compound is ideal for repairing cracks in concrete

Concrete repair compound

Mesa-Coatings also has concrete repair compound available, for repairing concrete. Repairs on concrete are carried out manually. Manual concrete repairs can be done, using different repair materials. Our concrete repair compound can be used in different ways for all kinds of repair work on walls and floors, indoors and outdoors. Would you like more information about the Mesa concrete repair compound? Then contact us soon.

Concrete repair compound
Concrete repair compound 2

Epoxy-based concrete repair compound

The Mesa concrete repair compound is for instance available as mortar based bi-component synthetic. These mortars are usually non-shrinking, even when applied in minimal layer thickness, they do not show curing shrinkage and they attach (if properly pre-treated) well to concrete. Epoxy-mortars are particularly applied for repairing small damage to concrete. Would you like more information about our products, then please contact us via the form below.

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