The Epoxy composite trowel floor; a maintenance-friendly solution for each sector!

Epoxy composite trowel floor; what kind of floor is that?

The basis of an Epoxy composite trowel floor consists of fine gravel and epoxy resin that serves as a binder, this is called the trowel mass. On top of this, a finishing layer of gel is applied to make the floor impervious for all liquids and dirt. As an Epoxy composite trowel floor must be applied to a number of different bases, it is important that the trowel mass adheres well. For this purpose, firstly a primer is applied, which is absorbed by the base and ensures good binding properties. Finally, depending on your wishes, the floor can be finished by use of semi-gloss or matt. As such, it becomes a versatile floor, available for many purposes, in many variants.

applicatie van een troffelvloer
Troffelvloer in de agrarische sector

The advantages of an Epoxy composite trowel floor

As the top coat is sealed by a layer of gel, no dirt or liquid can be absorbed by the Epoxy composite trowel floor, making it a maintenance-friendly floor which, on top, has a high chemical resistance. Furthermore, epoxy resin is twice as strong as concrete, which creates high mechanical load capacity and also it can be laid seamlessly. This contributes to the easy cleaning of the floor, as well as to its appearance. As such, large open spaces will look neat, yet it is also possible to apply the Epoxy composite trowel floor on an office building’s entire floor, which contains different rooms.


Where are Epoxy composite trowel floors applied

As the Epoxy composite trowel floor is a versatile floor, available in many variants and for many purposes, it is also used as such. Due to the easy maintenance and the seamless structure, you may well come across the Epoxy composite trowel floor as an industrial floor in:

  • offices
  • shops
  • showrooms

It is also widely applied as an industry floor in:

  • metal processing companies
  • food industry
  • work stations
  • garage floors
  • agricultural sector, as a floor for a robot space or milk parlour

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