Epoxy floors are twice as strong as concrete and also impervious

Epoxy floors by Mesa Coatings

The epoxy floor is one of the most widely used industrial floors. As epoxy floors are twice as strong as concrete floors and also impervious, they are excellently suited for situations where high chemical and mechanical resistance is required. Partly because the epoxy floor can be seamlessly laid, it is easy to clean as well as maintenance-friendly. After all it is waterproof and no dirt or liquid are able to penetrate. Would you like more information about epoxy floors? Or customised personal advice? Then contact the coating experts at Mesa Coatings.

Epoxyvloeren snelle applicatie
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epoxyvloer in een agrarisch bedrijf

Epoxy cast floor or epoxy coating?

As you may know, there are many synthetic floors in which epoxy was processed or was as a basis. As an example, we mention the epoxy cast floor and also in quartz carpet floors as well as Epoxy composite trowel floors, epoxy can be processed. Epoxy floor however, often means epoxy coating. This coating is a floor finishing and is applied less thickly than the cast floor.

The advantage of the cast floor is that it eliminates irregularities in the base, which makes it suitable for renovation, whereas the coating floor requires less material in case of even floors, resulting in a lower price per m². Additional advantage of a thinner floor coating layer is that it cures quicker than the cast floor and can therefore sooner be re-used.


Safety and applying epoxy coating

Before applying an epoxy floor, two components must be accurately mixed in the workshop. This entails a number of risks, which however our specialists are aware of and properly trained for. It is therefore strongly recommended not to apply an epoxy floor yourself.

In addition, due to the thin layer of an epoxy floor coating, the base must be pre-treated, both for renovation and new building. The subfloor should have the proper smoothness/roughness for optimal adhesion between the base, primer and floor coating. For this purpose, the floor is often sanded first, using diamond, before the coating is applied. This however depends on the type of base. In order to decide which pre-treatment and type of floor best suits you, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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