Epoxy Wall coating especially for the wear-free and durable company space

Epoxy wall coating by Mesa Coatings

The epoxy wall coating – or wall coating, just as epoxy floor coating, is twice as strong as concrete and waterproof (impervious). Therefore epoxy wall coating is highly suitable for situations in which a high degree of mechanical and / or chemical resistance is required. But also when looking for an easy to clean and maintenance-friendly wall.

Epoxy wall coating is applied seamlessly by our specialists. Apart from that, this 2 components coating ensures that pores in the wall are sealed, making it impossible for dust and dirt to accumulate here. In combination with a floor coating, a wear-free and durable company space is created, which you will enjoy for years.

Applying Epoxy wall coatings

Epoxy Wall coating can be applied to almost any type of base. Some bases however differ in the sense that they must be sanded first. This is determined for each situation and if you are uncertain about it, please feel free to contact us. Before the application of the wall coating, a primer is applied, which is a special substance ensuring that the base and epoxy wall coating adhere properly and the coating does not come off after a while. Finally, it is possible to deliver Epoxy wall coating in either a matt or a glossy finish.

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