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Coating systems for the food industry

Clean floors are vital for the food industry. Areas where food is processed or produced must be hygienic and if something drops, it mostly falls on the floor. Floors are therefore the hardest areas to keep clean, within a company. As there are strict requirements for the food sector with regard to cleanliness, it is important that the floor is easy to maintain. After all, easy cleaning will result in less work hours and improved hygiene. Would you like more information about coating floors and walls in the food industry, then contact us.

Floors in the food sector are subject to strict requirements as regards hygiene, which is why coating floors are ideal for these circumstances

Special coatings for the bakery

As a baker you know best that in the food sector a hygienic space is of paramount importance. Especially the areas where production takes places, such as a bakery. That is what you want to concern yourself with; baking bread, making cakes, simply produce quality food. This does not imply that you don’t want to invest time in cleaning, but you’d rather work efficiently. And why spend more time on it than necessary?

voedingsmiddelen coatingvloer

Floor- and wall coatings for the butchery

Hygiene is of paramount importance in a butchery. The butcher works with raw meat, blood, bones and organs. All food that is processed, is vulnerable and if bacteria get the opportunity to nestle somewhere, they will. That is why there are strict requirements for running a butchery. The butcher must comply with the regulations of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority as well as the HACCP.

coatings voor de slagerij

Floor- and wall coatings for the professional kitchen

A company kitchen floor, must comply with certain hygienic requirements, just like a butchery and a bakery should. Therefore, easy cleaning of the mass catering floors is very important. In addition, the floor in a catering establishment may become very slippery, particularly in the dish washing area, which leads to dangerous situations.

coatings voor de geitenhouderij

Coatings for the freezer and cold store floor

Also the cold room and freezer of different businesses require a proper floor. Whether it concerns the cold room of a restaurant, butchery, caterer, fishmonger, milk producer or similar. Each of them is involved with a number of standard requirements, but also specific wishes. In a cold room or freezer, the floor must have an anti-slip layer to ensure the safety. In addition, usually it must be impervious and easy to clean.

coatings voor de koel- en vriescel

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