Due to years of experience we are experts in the area of coating systems for the industrial sector

Synthetic Industrial floors for any company

In the industry a clean work floor is very important. Not only for you, to work pleasantly, an appropriate floor ensures cost reduction in the work process. Quality floors also prevent floor damage, due to which renovation can be postponed. In addition, a snug floor can be kept clean more easily, resulting in fewer working hours and more job satisfaction. The right choice of synthetic floors improves the image of your company. Would you like more information about our synthetic Industrial floors, then contact us soon.

Our Synthetic Industrial floors can match the customer’s demand. Please find below the different applications

Industrial floors for the Warehouse

Quality floors are essential to a warehouse. Mesa Coatings provides these to the customer’s every wish. Heavy machinery and daily use require a durable and high-quality synthetic floor. As such, wear is prevented and concrete repairs can be rescheduled. Because of the large variety of floor systems, any wish of our customer can be fulfilled.

Industrievloeren in magazijn of loods

Coatings for the computer room

Mesa Coatings offers many opportunities in synthetic floors. Depending on your wishes, a top layer is applied ensuring that dust, dirt and liquid remain on top of the floor. Polishing, as such, is easy and there is no chance of substances being absorbed and causing stains. Through this maintenance-friendly way of working, cleaning time is reduced, providing more time for daily tasks.

Coatings voor in een computerruimte

Floor coating petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical industry, quality floors and quality walls are of major importance. In this sector floors and walls are exposed to mechanical and chemical influences. As such, your floor is largely affected. A damaged floor leads to an unhygienic and unsafe workspace.

Coatings voor de petrochemische industrie

Coatings for the Metal work industry

In metal work or heavy industry, quality floors are extremely important. They are heavily loaded by huge machinery and daily use. This may cause cracks or other damage to the floor, which may lead to delay of the activities or dangerous situations for your staff or products. The finishing of your concrete floor is therefore an important part of your new building or renovation.

coatings voor de metaalbewerkingsindustrie

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