PMMA Floor coatings are impervious, chemical resistant and mechanically strong floors

PMMA floors by Mesa Coatings

A PMMA floor is a floor, strewn with (whether or not coloured) fine sand, bound by a PMMA resin. PMMA stands for PolyMethylMethAcrylate, which is a synthetic that is also used in many other products such as plexiglass. The coating floor with PMMA is applied in layers and depending on the base, the thickness of the floor is between 3 and 4 mm.

Quickly hardening floor

The greatest advantage of a PMMA floor is the quick hardening (curing). This may take as little as two hours, after which it can be fully used. The production standstill of, for instance a butchery, print office or milk factory will thus be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, PMMA floor coatings are chemically resistant and mechanically very strong floors. Driving heavy machinery over it or working with chemicals is therefore no problem at all.

Suitable for the food industry

Because the PMMA resin has sealing properties, PMMA floor coating is impervious. It can also be applied with an anti-slip layer. Extensive use of water or chemical cleaning agents will, as such, not be harmful to your floor and nor will it, when applying an anti-slip layer, be hazardous for your staff. A safe, durable, maintenance-friendly and quickly applicable floor, ideal for the food industry.

Examples of floors in company spaces, where PMMA coating is applied, are:

  • Bakery floors
  • Butchery floors
  • Milk factories
  • Fish processing
  • Production hall floors
  • Slaughter house floors
  • Print office floors

But also the agricultural sector benefits from the properties of a PMMA floor. Therefore they are also used as:

  • Milk parlour floors
  • Floors for robot spaces
  • (milk) carrousel floors
  • Tank room floors

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