Quartz carpet floors for a stylish and wear-free company floor

Quartz carpet floors

Are you looking for a stylish and wear-free company floor? Then the quartz carpet floor, also called stone carpet or gravel floor, may be the right solution for you. This seamless floor coating consists of coloured or non-coloured quartz grains, with integrated PU or Epoxy resin. As a quartz carpet floor can be delivered in almost every RAL colour, and has a warm appearance, it is applicable for any kind of company interior, whether modern, trendy or industrial. Would you like to have more information about our Quartz carpet floors, then contact us today.

Siergrindvloeren in een wijnspeciaalzaak
Siergrindvloeren in een fietsenwinkel
Siergrindvloeren in een figuur

Pros and cons of a quartz carpet

The wear-resistance of the quartz carpet floor can be compared with that of a tile, it is perfectly UV- resistant and can be used in locations with a lot of sunlight. Quartz carpet is very versatile as it can be applied to almost all bases and has a seamless finish. Finally this coating floor is suitable for each situation where the floor has high esthetical requirements. The quartz carpet floor is less suitable in situations where a certain degree of mechanical load is required (up to 20N/ mm2) or heavy chemical loads must be resisted. If you opt for a quartz carpet floor, you can choose either an open or a closed structure.

Open and closed structure

An open structure quartz carpet floor is not sealed in the finishing (sealed by means of a gel). This means that the floor has numerous open pores which are filled up with air, creating a sense of warmth and softness when walking on it. In addition, dust will end up between the pores, making it hard to simply blow up and, as a result, vacuum it is easy. It is however less suitable for areas in which a floor requires hygienic properties.
In order to increase these hygienic properties there is an opportunity to seal the quartz carpet floor. Then liquids and dirt will remain on top of the floor coating and not end up between the pores, which makes it even easier to clean the floor. Furthermore, the gravel will stay in place and will not be squeezed or flattened as the threading of a carpet would. In this instance, vacuuming dust will be no struggle with open structure nor closed structure.


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