Synthetic skirting boards, the seamless transit between wall- and floor coatings

Synthetic skirting boards

The Mesa Coatings B.V. skirting boards have the same standard quality and properties as the floor system which they are used with. The synthetic skirting board that fits with an Epoxy composite trowel floor or cast floor is just as chemically and mechanically resistant. In addition it ensures a seamless transit between wall- and floor coating.

Applying skirting board coating

Skirting board coating is applied in a 45 degree angle at some 4 cm high. This can however be adjusted to your wishes, depending on the situation. Laying the skirting board in 45 degree angle contributes to easy cleaning and the maintenance-friendly aspect of your company space. It will be impossible for liquid or dirt to accumulate in the corners and it will be easy to vacuum or mop it. At the same time the skirting board ensures that the seam between the floor and the wall is sealed, which improves the imperviousness of the coating floor.


When is skirting board coating used?

Applying skirting board coating ensures strong and durable floors and it is suitable for both new building and renovation. As such, it is widely used in the agricultural sector, production industry and also in the food industry. Please find examples below:


  • Milk parlour floor
  • Robot space floor
  • Bakery floor
  • Canteen floor
  • Mass catering floor
  • Warehouse floor
  • Shop floor
  • Garage floor
  • Print company floor
  • Butchery floor

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