Due to its chemical resistance and heavy load capacity, the coating floor is ideal for the garage or workshop

Coatings for the garage workshop

For any company operating in the automotive industry, it is important to have a good workshop floor. Not only does this save time and expenses, it also contributes to the safety of your staff and the image of the entire company. Would you like more information about coatings for the garage workshop? Then contact us soon.

Coatingvloer autogarage
Coatings voor de werkplaats garage
Coatingvloer garage

Workshop floor; wear-free, seamless & anti-slip

A floor coating on top of your existing base ensures that the mechanical and chemical resistance of your workshop floor improves immediately. An epoxy cast floor is twice as strong as concrete. The great advantage is that the floor is resistant to heavy vehicles accelerating or braking, but also salt, sand, oil and other liquids have minimal impact on these scratch-resistant and wear-free Mesa Coatings floors. In addition, the sealing top layer makes sure that cleaning agents and oils are not absorbed by the floor, but remain on top, causing no stains on your workshop floor. At the same time, an anti-slip layer can be applied, allowing employees and material to keep a continuous grip during activities. Apart from preventing stains, the pore-sealing properties also provide the advantage of saving much time while cleaning the floor. It is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time scrubbing the workshop floor, so in addition, water consumption is reduced.


A maintenance-friendly workshop floor

Lastly, synthetic floors contribute to the image of your company. Customers find it, consciously or unconsciously, important that a workshop looks cared for. A poorly maintained workshop is often associated with poor maintenance on own material. And if the own environment is badly maintained, what will happen to the vehicles being serviced? As a coating or cast floor by Mesa Coatings can be applied seamlessly, uneven surfaces are prevented and the floor will look neat. Additional advantage is that there are no “obstacles” preventing effective cleaning, which also contributes to easy maintenance of the floor. The result is a fresh, tidy and professional looking workshop.

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